His Work in Progress is open to help and support of all types, here are some of the ways you could get involved:

Volunteer to help in the USA

We are always looking for help to collect donations of medical supplies, food, even bikes and we often need hands on help to packaging the shipping containers that we send oversees. So if you could provide anything from 1 hour to your time and a vehicle to help pick up supplies, please click here and then tell us how you would like to help. We are also looking for team members who are interested in a more permanent role in our organization on a part time basis or more. If this is something that is of interest to you, please contact Walter Miller directly at walter.miller@hwip.org.

Volunteer to help in overseas

Whether it's a medical and local assistance trip to Medjugorje or a medical mission to Peru, we would love your help. If you have medical skills and qualifications that wonderful, but if not, you are still needed as the clinical team on our medical missions need support on the ground for logistics and patient assistance. If you want an adventure that will give you some wonderful experiences and an opportunity to make a difference, then this is it. Join us today.

Get involved! Support Us by Hosting a Fundraiser!

Interested in helping us spread the word and raising funds? You can host an event to tell your friends, family, and community about His Work in Progress and our mission to aid the poorest of the poor! You can host a small dinner party or a larger event in your community. Contact us today, and our development associate will be happy to help you organize an event that reaches potential supporters in a fun and exciting way! We all have the opportunity to make a difference and with your help, we can continue to impact the lives of many.


Financial support is always an important way to support our efforts. You can help by your donations. Please visit the following URL and donate to HWIP via PayPal: CLICK HERE. Donate this holiday season and make your gift go even further. From November 27 through December 31, PayPal Giving Fund will add 1% to all donations made through our donation page.