Thank you for your interest in the works of His Work in Progress. Over the years our volunteers have aided thousands of needy people. In return they have received countless hugs, shed a few tears of joy, put smiles on faces and joined with children in joyful laughter as they received their first new toys in years. Who could imagine such an outpouring of appreciation for the simple yet impactful actions of our volunteers? If we were to record each and every incident it would fill immeasurable space here and so we have provided a quick written summary as well as a short video to showcase a broad range of life changing moments.

We know many wish to step outside their comfort zone and help others but lack an organization to provide the structure and resources to do so. Today on this newly revamped site, you have reached such an organization and your timing could not be better.

Here is a brief overview of some past missions:

  • Provided food and medical assistance to displaced refugees in the camps following the Balkans war.
  • Distributed food and clothing to the forgotten of this same war who were aptly given the name "Nobody's Children"
  • Collect, refurbish and distribute transportation in the form of hundreds of bicycles to the needy who seek work.
  • During Katrina collected $1.5 Million in much needed water and baby formula and other essentials supplies which were then flown from private airstrips when other forms of transportation were unable.
  • Delivered large quantities of medical supplies to a local hospital using mules to carry equipment including a large mammography machine over the mountains to avoid the dangerous Haitian unrest in Port O Prince.
  • Medical missions to the poorer outer regions of Lima Peru. Here 4,000 people lined up at 4 AM to receive medical attention. Subsequent missions occurred to the poorest inner city locations in Lima resulted in seeing over 1000 patients in five days.
  • Providing cardiovascular assistance to babies and young children from Ecuador and Peru.

Enjoy our brief video and we hope to see you soon. We have work to do, now is the time for you to leave your comfort zone and make your impact on someone's life.