Through love, support, education, and medical care we can develop future leaders in peace and medicine. Women and children the sick and the elderly are often the casualties of war. Thousands upon thousands need our help just to survive. We are actively seeking donations of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and funds to address these issues. However, more is needed, much more.

We have created an organization to target, address and resolve more issues than would be possible, if we decided to venture out individually. We are constantly seeking to reduce existing shipping costs (best practices) related to the transport of high seas shipping including necessary ground transportation of the medical equipment that is donated. Financial donations are important to purchase equipment overseas. This reduces our cost structure and the revenue flow enhances the local economy. This has a compounding effect on jobs, goods and services.

Our Principles are based on caring for one's neighbor, to extend kindness, and to that end teach how love and understanding can be lived and learned instead of hatred and bloodshed. Through good works, healing, sharing and education of our principles and values we can make a difference to help stem the tide of madness, by providing love in action that leads to hope.