His Work in Progress is a humanitarian organization, founded in December 2000 as a 501 c3 organization and set up to provide action oriented care for the less fortunate people in areas of the world ravaged by turmoil and poverty. Our efforts include both medical professional missions as well as ones organized for lay individuals to take part in a project oriented humanitarian effort.

We firmly believe in the concept of "Sharing Treasures - Providing Hope". When we travel to foreign countries and listen to the needs of the local people, it is clear their mental, spiritual and physical needs vary widely and as such a "one size fits all" approach to structuring projects and missions is not possible. Over more than 16 years, through constant listening and practical hands-on experience of things that have, and have not, worked at a local level, we have developed an understanding on how to inspire those we serve.

Trips often combine two distinct projects:

  • A medical triage mission where trained medical professionals provide care for the locals and their illnesses (often supported by non-medical team members)
  • The non-medical professional projects are very practical and focus on supporting the same local community with the distribution of food, clothing, bicycles and other supplies.

Many people want to make a difference and have a sense of purpose in the actions and time they can commit, but they do not have the organizational support to do so, so we have successfully provided that possibility for them and it has had wonderful results.

Inspired to take action

When we care enough to take action to unselfishly help others, we are the ones who receive the real benefits of peace and joy, feelings that nothing in our material world can come close to matching. When we are inspired by love and guided by God we can achieve amazing things, way beyond our own capabilities and expectations. So don’t wait, take action to do what you can to reach out to those in need (in your home, community, workplace, areas of need around the world). Any positive action for good will produce positive results. They might not be the ones we expect, but we will see them.