Caring for the unseen in Medjugorje...

Establishing a healthcare center to provide basic dental and healthcare services for those in need in the Medjugorje area.

While Medjugorje has become a pilgrim destination the money and benefits that the area benefits from are rarely making their way to those in the local community who most need support and assistance. Something which is both ironic and disappointing considering the messages from Mary.

Our 3-Phase Plan

Action plan and progress

  • Locate and acquire dental property
  • Build dental clinic/Equip and staff
    • Lay foundation
    • Develop and build out = $55,000 ($45,000 raised already)
    • Equipment = $50,000 (and/or equipment donations)

Action plan

  • Locate and acquire Operations Center property
  • Build Operations Center (to securely house medical supplies and also provide a safe and affordable housing for visiting volunteers and staff)
    • Lay Foundation (including secure basement for storage) = $50,000
    • Center Development and build out = $95,000
    • Equipment = $50,000 (and/or equipment donations)

Action plan

  • Locate and Acquire Urgent Care Clinic Property
  • Urgent Care Clinic will provide necessary medical care for the local residents who cannot access affordable basic healthcare
    • Property acquisition costs = $50,000
  • Urgent Care Clinic
    • Development and build out = $250,000
    • Equipment = $100,000 (and/or equipment donations)

Project Update - March 2015

HWIP traveled to Hercegovina for the ground breaking and foundation construction of Phase 1, the dental clinic. The regions terrain consists of huge rocks and boulders making foundation construction a laboriously slow process utilizing heavy duty boulder breaking equipment. I can proudly state that the foundation is complete and now we await the necessary funding to begin building the first floor. All funds previously received went directly to this building project. Just for clarifications future funds will go directly to the dental clinic until the clinic is completed. Then the focus will shift to the operations center and medical clinic.

Please consider supporting this dental clinic phase as it is will also function as a combination community building, providing employment opportunity as well as a paying it forward effort. Click here to visit The Charitable Exchange website, where you can make donations to support this cause.

A note about dental school costs. This young man had to pay for his books and therefore the costs of the education is not the same as in America. He needs to have his practice up and running if he is to be able to provide for his young growing family.

Questions can be directed to or you can leave a message at the office on 215-932-8335. We will be travelling to visit this site and the young family in October 2016 as well as Mothers Village orphanage and the families that HWIP supports.

Thank you in advance.